About Elinore Eaton

I have been a professional freelance illustrator and graphic designer for over ten years in both commercial and fine art industries. I have worked as an illustrator, graphic designer, and art director, with companies and agencies including Reading Rainbow, Blue Angel Publishing, and AKQA. I have recently completed a 44-card full color oracle deck with an undisclosed title set for publication in early 2020.

I create unique and beautiful imagery to communicate stories, capture audiences and entrance the imagination. I am a professional at showing subtle narratives and emotion, as well as finding unique options for classic stories and tropes.

I live in Portland, Oregon, and am currently available for work in Publication Illustration; books, cards, and games, as well as digital artist work in gaming and creative advertising.



Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer 01/2009-Present

44-card full color oracle deck; concepts, design, and illustration, Oracle deck for Blue Angel Publishing, publication set for early 2020.

Past client include: AKQA, Mekanism, SF Heat, Pars McCann, Pereira & O'Dell, Barrett SF, Tapjoy, MobiTV

Digital and traditional art direction, concepts, design, and production for web, mobile, and print with international and local clients and brands including EA Sports, Reading Rainbow, Sephora, bareMINERALS, Target Beauty, GAP, CocaCola, Disney, TuneIn, Crest, Google, AirBnB, Jimmy Dean, Starbucks, Verizon, At&T, Sprint, multiple TV networks including  ABC, CBS, NBC, and ESPN

Created complete advertising campaign concepts including multimedia, banner ads, print, OOH, social, microsites, minigames, and branding; from concept to production, often working with teams in agency and tech settings.  

Designed and produced product; original artwork and illustration, concept art,
and UI for mobile apps, games, animation, and stories.

Art Instructor 04/2016-07/2018

Vine Gogh, Portland, OR
Step by step acrylic painting instruction for adult and children's classes. 

Photoshop Instructor 06/2013-12/2013

Miami Ad School, San Francisco, CA
Class planning, instruction, and evaluation of adult Photoshop students with a
concentration on design and advertising.


Mentored Study
Focused study in color & light, figure drawing, character design, environment design, acrylic & watercolor painting, traditional digital painting and drawing with mentorship and online classes and communities; ie Schoolism & Oatley Academy 

Art Director 2 Year Program
Miami Ad School

BFA with Honors, Drawing and Painting and Conceptual Information Arts
SF State University, CCA

Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators


Art & Design
Book covers, children’s books, Tabletop game art, Deck and card art, and editorial illustration and design.
Key frame design and illustration.
Digital painting and drawing.
Traditional medium expertise in watercolor, acrylic, pastels, charcoal, pencil drawing and sketching.
Color and light design, composition, and perspective.
Expertise in anatomy and life drawing.
Expertise in landscape drawing and painting.

Advertising & Communications
Photo retouching.
Composite imagery and mockups.
Responsive media design for apps, mobile, tablet, site, iOS, Android, email.
Banner ad, multimedia, and social art direction and design.
Print and packaging.
Typography and Layout.
Ad campaign art direction.

Expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.