Proko Anatomy for Artists...cuz I needs it, precious.

I bit the bullet and started a proper study of anatomy for artists, with Proko. Work those fundamentals, friends.

So far, I've learned that this is exactly what I need. The first assignment kind of tested your current ability to trace muscle groups under the skin of models, and I learned that with my current knowledge, it's a wonder I'm making figures with better anatomy than weird psychedelic moments in anime think poor Tetsuo...

I'm tired of being bogged down by reference in a way that slows me down and hinders my creativity. I want to understand anatomy in a masterful way, that helps my drawings come to life, and quickens my understanding of the human body, so I can focus more on how I want my characters and people to pose, and how I want to stretch and squash proportions, rather than getting stopped by not knowing what actually goes on under the skin and the mechanics of regular form and function.

Bonus! Because I'm also a dancer, it's super beneficial for bodywork, flexibility, and just plain communicating the names of all the pieces that make our bodies move, hold, and flow the way they do. It's nice to know the fancy names too, just for reference when talking with other dancers and artists, it speeds up the process of learning and communicating. It is, after all, kind of its own language. So, I'm kind of also learning a new approach to "body language. ;)

After the first "test" assignment, I started with some joint studies, including different types of joints, like ball and socket, hinges, saddle joints, plate joints, etc.,  and how they attach, and affect the body as they move and their limitations.